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Many business leaders describe today’s markets by quoting Greek philosopher Heraclites: ‘The only thing that is constant is change’. As an exporter or business support organisation (BSO) operating in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables sector and targeting European markets, you are probably keenly aware of this fact and on constant lookout for sources that will keep you in touch with new developments that may affect your exports.
In this email, CBI Market Intelligence would like to connect you with one of the most reliable and intelligent sources of this kind of information available today.
The Tradewatch was co-created in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and SIPPO
CBI Tradewatch
CBI Tradewatch is one of a range of tools developed and constantly updated by CBI Market Intelligence. This particular MI Product offers you a visual analysis of the most important trade developments and forecasts for your sector – both current and expected ¬– on the EU and EFTA markets. You can use this market intelligence to keep in step with the latest developments on the EU and EFTA markets and to anticipate future developments. Significantly, the trends and forecasts discussed in CBI Tradewatch have been identified from the specific perspective of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and BSOs in developing countries, like yours. This means CBI Tradewatch goes far beyond generic market outlines, pinpointing specific developments relevant to your export ambitions. View our Tradewatch here; http://www.cbi.eu/marketintel_platform/Fresh-Fruit-Vegetables/136122/tradewatch
 Key developments in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables sector
Here are some of the key trade developments and forecasts presented in the CBI Tradewatch tool for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:
 Vegetable production in the EU amounted to 64 million tons in 2010 (mostly tomatoes) and the production of fruit (mostly grapes) amounted to almost 59 million tons.
The five biggest importers of fresh fruit and vegetables from developing countries in 2010 were: Greece (38%), Bulgaria (26%), Slovenia (24%), Italy (22%) and Belgium (21%).

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