Export Potential in Seaweed Industry
The Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KEMFRI) indicate that Sea Weed Farming in Kenya has a market potential that could see it earn Kshs 40 Million a year in the global seaweed market valued at US $ 5 Billion per annum.
Seaweed farming is done during low tide. It involves the fixing of stakes into the seabed to enable the farmers hang the seaweed on nylon ropes strung around them.
Extracts of dried seaweed are used in the cosmetic (lotions, shampoos, and soap), food (Ice cream, candy), pharmaceutical and as a fertiliser due to its high mineral content.

Efforts are being made for potential exporters in Kenya to enter this lucrative market and farms in Kibuyuni in Kilifi, Mkwiro, Funzi and Gazi have begun to produce the seaweed. The Export Promotion Council  Coast Regional Office has visited  farmers such as Stahimili Group in Gazi and Mapambano Nyumba 6 Groups in Msambweni to evaluate how the Council can assist these farmers access the export Markets for seaweed.
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