Kenya Solo Exhibition in DRC Kinshasa

The Export Promotion Council which is the premier institution responsible for the development and promotion of Kenya’s exports of goods and services worldwide, in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kenya Embassy in DRC and other relevant public & private sector organizations is organizing Kenya’s

Solo exhibition in Kinshasa, DRC, from 11th to 15th  December, 2012. During the Exhibition, a Trade and Investment business forum is planned for on Wednesday 12th December, 2012 to provide a platform for Kenya business delegation to engage their Congolese counterparts and transact business including an opportunity for one to one meetings.
Why DRC?
The Export Promotion Council commissioned a market research whose findings were disseminated on 21st September 2012 and revealed the following;
•    The DRC market has tremendous opportunities that Kenyan enterprises need to take advantage of.
•    The country imports most of the goods which Kenya has the capacity to supply, presenting excellent opportunity to introduce Kenyan products to that market.
•    The  need to access the market directly rather than through third countries
•    DRC is a member of COMESA and therefore Kenya need to take advantage of the trade opportunities available under the framework of the regional integration.

Why a Solo Exhibition?

The Kenya Solo Exhibition in Kinshasa will accord Kenya businesses an opportunity to launch new products, enlarge, consolidate and diversify their market in DRC and the neighboring countries. The Exhibition is also aimed at introducing to the Congolese market Kenyan capacity to produce high quality value added products and services. Participating companies will have a chance to introduce, deepen and strengthen their product and corporate brands into the market given the publicity and contact meetings arranged during the event.

The specific benefits to participating enterprises include:
•   Opportunity for test-marketing and product sampling
•   Enhanced visibility in DRC through publicity in the print and electronic media.
•   Business to Business Workshop to provide forum for interactions
•   Gauge buyer requirements and emerging market  trends including competition landscape
• Opportunities for opening distribution outlets, signing of agency and distributorship agreements and licensing arrangements as well as securing trial orders and long term business deals
• The Council will freight a maximum of 100 Kgs of exhibits to DRC for each participating company.

Target sectors:

Sectors of focus include;

•    Processed foods and beverages
•    Personal hygiene products
•    Beauty and health care products
•    Consumer and Household Chemicals
•    Paper and Packaging materials
•    Motor vehicle accessories
•    Farm inputs
•    Building and construction materials (iron sheets, paints, etc)
•    Dairy and meat products
•    Footwear
•    Services- ICT, medical, education, transportation, banking, insurance, security, hospitality, engineering, construction and other professional consultancy services
•    Jua Kali fabricated products

Interested companies are invited to apply for participation in
(a) Exhibition (11th- 15th December 2012) and (b) Business Forum (12th December, 2012) by filling the event Application Forms which can be obtained from the Export Promotion Council offices at Anniversary Towers, 1st &16th Floor, University Way, or the Regional Offices in Mombasa, Eldoret and JKIA during working hours or from this link . Duly completed application forms together with a 500 words company / institutions’ profile together with two passport size photos of the persons who will represent the company at the event should be returned to the Head Office or Regional offices on or before 16th November 2012 at 12 noon.
For EPC contact details and direction, click on this link

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