Cut Flowers and Ornamental Plants Weekly Price Report

Report prepared by Mr. Jan Plasmeijer and Mr. Chumi Yanai
Issue No. W39, of 4 October 2012
Data for: Week No. 39 of 24 through 29 September 2012

The Market News Service (MNS) Cut Flowers and Ornamental Plants Weekly Price Report presents prices for those products for which current information is not commonly available, but that are of substantial importance to a significant number of developed and developing countries.

The MNS objective is to provide indications on market prices and trends to support exporters, producers, sector associations and other private or public organizations in their decisions and studies. MNS aims to serve as a market intelligence tool to improve market transparency and facilitate trade.

MNS Floriculture Products Market information-providers include major importers, wholesalers, auctions and organizations in 11 European countries and one Asian country. Markets are covered weekly, on a yearly basis. Information is collected throughout the week and is available for transmission by the close of business (European time) each Wednesday unless otherwise

Download the full report from here

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