Export Finance,Insurance And Export Risks Mitigation
Financial institutions are increasingly moving towards the middle ground and are developing products that correspond to the requirements of the export stake holders.This is  in a bid to respond to the national call in the Kenya Vision 2030 to increase financial uptake and make international trade attractive.
Even with some of the weaknesses identified, banks were improving on their lending conditions. Some leading banks demonstrated the capacity and are improving on lending conditions to suit local circumstances and ; in some cases were able to lend without collaterals, for example to women business enterprises that did not have fixed collateral and in such circumstances were basing their lending on confidence  derived from company character and personality of the management. Others are also issuing unsecured credit facilities based on business performance, business projections (potentials) and character.
To further improve the responses to risks that also impact on Kenya’s competitiveness  in the international markets, the African Trade Insurance Agency (ATIA), that is domiciled and has been in operation in Kenya since 2001, has also been able to adjust to the local needs of the economic operators in a bid to mitigate against export risks, through a double thronged strategy that incorporates export risks and credit guarantees.  
This promises to reduce the risks that are faced by Kenyan exporters in doing business. Even though the information on these still lag behind,The Export Promotion Council has undertaken  to bridge the information gap that exist on demand for trade finance and risks mitigation with the supply capabilities .
The concept of credit rating even though still a relatively  new concept is taking shape and would support companies in filling the missing credibility gaps that hinder widespread access to export finance.
The time  is now for exporters to aproach their bankers for responsive export finance facilities.
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