Invitation to the 27th Jakarta International Expo, Oct 2012
The Jakarta International Expo will take place from October 17th-21st, 2012 in Kemayoran, Jakarta Indonesia. To further strengthen trade ties between Kenya and Indonesia, Export Promotion Council is encouraging participation in its 27TH instalment.
The Jakarta International Expo is a great marketing opportunity intended to diversify new and existing Kenyan products mostly Agricultural, Food stuffs, consumer Goods, Industrial goods, pharmaceuticals, handcrafts and those in the service sector.

With over 15000 professionals, foreigners, chief executives  of Indonesian Business Executives, Representative Buyers from foreign companies and domestic, government officials and public visitors, Jakarta International Expo presents a unique opportunity for both the Kenyan public and private sector organizations to show case their products and services not only to the Indonesian market but also to the international market. Also in participating, the overall objective of strengthening Trade ties with Indonesia the Asian Capital is realized. You can visit the site http://www.jiexpo.com/home.php? to read more on the event.

For further information on the Expo or booking of booths kindly visit www.kemendag.go.id.
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