81st Izmir International Trade Fair Izmir Turkey
The Export Promotion Council is co-ordinating Kenya’s participation at the above Trade Fair in collaboration with the relevant public and private sector organizations.  This is a major trade promotion event in the 2012 Kenya National Export Market Development Programme  scheduled for 31st August – 9th September, 2012.

The Izmir International Trade Fair offers a great opportunity for promoting products to Turkey and the Middle East as well as other countries represented at the fair. Main objectives of Kenya’s participation therefore are to penetrate the Turkish Market and consolidate Kenya’s market share and presence, as well as reinforce past market development activities and take advantage of the current gains made within the Middle East region and the business opportunities presented by this important event. We invite your company to participate at the fair given your product offering and prospects in the Turkish market. Interested participants are invited to collect Application Forms from our offices, or download from here , fill and return the duly filled forms to our offices on 16th Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi as soon as possible but not later than 13th August 2012. Since available exhibition space is limited, applications will be treated on the basis of first come first served for qualified applicants.
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