International Trade Centre launches Facebook page for Coffee Exporterís Guide
Following the publication of the third edition of the Coffee Exporter’s Guide earlier this year, the team behind the guide has now launched a dedicated page for the guide on Facebook.

The Facebook page will allow ITC’s Coffee Guide Team to rapidly share news, information and coffee discoveries with the large readership that has been established over the past 20 years. The Coffee Exporter’s Guide was first published in 1992 and the second edition was published in 2002. Meanwhile, TheCoffeeGuide.org was launched in 2005.
The Coffee Exporter’s Guide is the most extensive and authoritative source of information to the international coffee trade. Topics covered in the guide include technical aspects such as production and sales statistics, contracts, logistics, e-trade, futures and hedging. It also looks in depth at other issues like how quality issues and certifications are determined, the social aspects of the coffee trade and its relation to the environment and climate change.
We are the Kenya coffee exporters to join coffee guide face book on http://www.facebook.com/ITCcoffeeguidee
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