Promoting the Made in Kenya Furniture Brand in Public Offices

The Ministry of Industrialization has constituted an Inter-ministerial Task Force to develop policy guidelines to facilitate the implementation of the Presidential directive requiring all public offices to purchase furniture from local manufacturers.
The task force chaired by the head of the Industrial Information Department on behalf of PS Industrialization Dr. Karanja Kibicho comprises of the Ministries of Finance, Trade, Public Works, Labour, the Kenya Bureau of Standards, and the Public Procurement Oversight Authority and is expected to facilitate the implementation of the Presidential directive within Section 39 of the Act and Regulation 28 by end of June this year.

The countrywide survey conducted to identify local furniture manufacturers by the Ministry has revealed that most Kenyan micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) furniture manufacturers do not meet the public procurement terms and conditions that would enable them supply public procuring entities with furniture.
Some of the manufacturers do not have formal business registration, no boards of directors, have no bank accounts and have not complied with tax registration.
One of the objectives of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 is to facilitate the promotion of local industry and economic development in order to create wealth and jobs for Kenyans.
The Government's procurement policy seeks to achieve economic growth and poverty reduction and allows open competition for procurement without discrimination in a transparent, fair and accountable manner to ensure achievement of value for money in all procurement.
Public procurement also provides important linkages to the Private Sector as it can promote expansion of the private sector by way of expanding commercial opportunities. The Government also expects public procurement to contribute to the national economic growth and wealth creation in line with the Kenya Vision 2030
The Task force established is expected to analyse the existing law and regulations, including the proposed Public Procurement and Disposal (Preference and Reservations) Regulations 2011; recommend appropriate categorization and specifications of furniture for all classes and levels of public offices and recommend the eligibility criteria for the target groups of manufacturers to supply the appropriate furniture category.
Among other critical challenges facing local manufacturers is access to finance, equipment and facilities to ensure timely delivery of quality products. It is expected that with the launch of the high profile Constituency Industrial Development Centres (CIDCs) workshops built by the Ministry under the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) which will get state of the art manufacturing and processing equipment, the MSMEs will benefit and build capacity to meet the eligibility criteria.
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