Basic requirements pertaining to the official inspection and quarantine certificate on aquatic items

As from June 1st 2012, the Chinese Government issued a new set of basic requirements regarding the official inspection and quarantine certificate on aquatic products exported to China from Kenya. The official inspection and quarantine certificate document is to be issued by the Competent Authority (Ministry of Fisheries in Kenya) and accompany all Export consignments destined for China. The draft document has been submitted to the Chinese Government for validation, and we await their approval. However, for your information, the following are the details required on the certificate:-

  1. The certificate shall be marked with information as follows: Product Name (Including formal Name) ,place of origin, mode of production(aquaculture and aquaculture area, or fishing, fishing area and fishing vessel name & number), processing mode, production and processing firm name and registration code, certifying authority;tra ort mea(ship mea, flight number, container number,etc) ,seal number, co ignore, co ignee,quantity/weight and date of production.
  2. The inspection and quarantine certificate whose destination must be china is prohibited to alter and forge. It must be stamping the official seal and official inspection and quarantine personnel signature.
  3. There must be an original of the inspection and quarantine certificate for each batch of aquatic product and the languages used in the certificate must be either in Chinese and English or in Chinese, English and other languages.
  4.  The certificate shall contain the following contents:

This is to certify that:

  • The above fishery products come from the establishment approved by competent authority.
  • The products were produced, packed, stored and transported under sanitary condition, which were under the supervision of competent authority.
  • The products were inspected and quarantined by competent authority and not found to have any pathogenic bacteria, harmful substances and foreign substances regulated in P.R China.
  • The products meet veterinary sanitary requirenments and fit for human consumption.

 Date of issue    Stamp

 Official Veterinary signature

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