The SME HANDBOOK goes Online

The SME Handbook is the first ever comprehensive Handbook in Kenya with Information, services and products targeting to empower small business owners. You can now access the book online.

The Handbook was launched on 14th September, 2011 at the Laico Regency by then Minister for Trade, Hon. Chirau Ali Mwakwere. Due to the overwhelming demands for copies, it is now available online. To buy, click on the link below:


The Information in the handbook has been packaged into four main categories as follows:

1. Information on the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector by experts and stakeholders

This section has articles written by people who work or teach about the sector and understand it on its dynamics and what drives it.

2. Information on business skills

This section has quick-read articles on the ABCs of running a business e.g writing a  business plan, registering a business, investing your money, qualifying for a business loan, protecting your innovations and inventions, finding a market for your products e.t.c

3. Information on Government Services Available to small businesses in Kenya, Public agencies and other statutory bodies) including trade attaches in various missions abroad, and local contacts of district offices for various Ministries i.e. Ministry of  Trade, Ministry of Industrialization, Ministry of  Labour, Ministry of  Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of  Fisheries, and Ministry of  Planning and National Development

4. Information on Business Member Organizations (BMO’S) that support the growth and development of small businesses in Kenya and donor and development partners targeting small business owners. The Handbook has profiled BMOs from various parts of the country that support small businesses.

The Handbook also has a catalogue section where you can get contact details of all the banks, micro-finance institutions, insurance companies and agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations dealing with small business owners.

For more information contact

Lydiah Njoroge
Programmes Director
Small and Medium Enterprise Support, East Africa

Tel 020 2243283

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