The National Exporters' Forum; 29TH JUNE, 2012
Event: National Exporters' Forum
Venue: Kenyatta International Conference Centre
Date: Friday 29th June 2012
About the Exporters Forum

The Export promotion Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Trade associations is holding the National Exporters’ Forum at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), on Friday 29th June 2012.

Kenya’s export sector is at a crossroad and in the process of rejuvenation through a strategic thrust for export market consolidation and expansion. This path presupposes improved investment and business environment to attract domestic and foreign investments induce production and competitive business processes for the ultimate overall expansion of markets for Kenyan goods and services.

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 has entrenched consultative paradigm in Kenya’s decision making processes. The Forum provides an appropriate environment and facilitates discussions on practical experiences and business realities encountered by the economic operators in the course of their daily businesses, whereby for instance, exporters profile and bring to the fore the difficulties encountered in the markets as they emerge. These include market access requirements such as; standards and quality, tariffs and non tariff barriers, logistical issues and; business to business issues that are inherent in export trade.

This year’s Forum will be held on the 29th June, 2012 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre under the Theme: “Anchoring Kenya as an Export Driven Economy”
Among the key objectives of this years Forum are;

  • To exchange information on the current needs of the export sector:
  • To expose participants to Contemporary issues in international trade;
  • To reinforce collaboration and networking between exporters, policy makers and experts in export development;
  • To create a Forum for the Private sector advocacy on issues appertaining to export development.

 Uniqueness of the Forum

  • Addresses issues that relate to supply chain management; ranging from production, transport logistics, access to the retail chains in the markets, as well as issues that appertain to receivables and timely receipt of export proceeds and; mitigation of risks that underlie export trade. These are deliberated and solutions oriented policy directions, derived through interactive discussions with the government policy makers.
  • The  ultimate communication process through which the government listens and recognises the importance of the export sector as it encourages exporters and recognises their effort and achievements in catalysing Kenya’s development and global integration.
  • Convergence of the stakeholders in export trade; including the Key stakeholders such as  the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industrialization, Ministry of East African Community, Ministry of Agriculture, Trade associations, Industrial Associations, Service Industry representatives, Financial Sector representatives, Agricultural and Horticultural sector representatives and a wide spectrum of Exporters of Goods and Services.
  • Expert Presentations on topical and thematic areas on export trade (Business/Trade environment, Trade facilitation, Fiscal and monetary policy related interventions, export related risks and mitigation) Export Market opportunity and threats to access.

Expected Benefits

  1. Understanding of contemporary issues in international trade;
  2. Situational analyses and updates on the risks management systems both in the global markets, the Kenyan business environment and future interventions;
  3. Comprehensive documentation in the form of a report, to include the status of Kenya’s Export Trade, challenges and Opportunity, Risks mitigation  and recommendations;
  4. The desired interventions for budgeting and  Policy inputs;
  5. The presence of His Excellency to underscores the strategic  importance of the export sector to the Kenyan economy;
  6. Opportunity for  the underlying issues affecting the export sector to be  listened to at the highest level of decision making,
  7. Trade supporting institutions exhibiting and displaying their services;
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