Kenya’s Trade with Tanzania
The volume and value of Kenya’s exports to Tanzania form a significant portion to Kenya’s total exports. Tanzania is very important to Kenyan exports accounting for 8.1 % of total exports and was ranked the 3rd largest market for Kenyan products in 2011. Trade between the two countries is expected to continue expanding subsequent to the current EAC integration process. This therefore calls for Kenyan companies to position themselves to take advantage of this development.  Below is a table showing the trends of trade between Kenya and Tanzania.
Trade Values In Billion Kshs
 Year ExportsImports
 15.58 25.47
 201033.21 10.55 22.66
 200930.08 7.08 22.27
 200829.22 7.31 21.91
 200722.33 6.68 15.65
 200618.3 4.5 13.8
 2005  19.9 2.9 17

Kenya’s total exports to Tanzania in 2011 were valued at Kshs. 41.05 billion as compared to Kshs. 33.21 billion in 2010. The major exports to Tanzania in 2011 included Kshs. 3.07 billion worth of Palm oil and its fractions, Kshs 2.27 billion of Soap; Kshs. 1.82 billion of Medicament mixtures; Kshs 1.81 billion Animal or vegetable fats; Kshs 1.74 billion Flat rolled products of iron; Kshs. 1.37 Sugar confectionery; Kshs 1.35 billion Aluminium table and household articles; Kshs. 1.07 billion of Margarine.

Kenya’s imports from Tanzania were valued at Kshs. 15.58 billion in 2011 an increase from Kshs 10.55 billion in 2010. Major import products from Tanzania that dominated in 2011 included Furnishing articles, Paper and paperboard, Maize, Electric transformers, Textiles, Rice, Animal products, Tubes and pipes Flour and meals of oil seeds & Vegetables among others.
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