Current Market Trends in Europe
Exporters are urged to be aware of the currents trends in the European market for various products to meet the consumer preferences as indicated in the products below;

Fruits and vegetables
There is an increasing preference for safe and healthy food, fruits and vegetables and consumption of organic products, convenience meals (ready meals), exotic and ethnic food and ‘grazing’ (i.e. eating more snacks in between the usual meals). The relationship between ingredients suppliers and industrial users has changed: the industrial user buys not only additives and ingredients from the supplier, but also his expertise and experience. Ingredients stocks held by manufacturers are increasingly minimized and, as a consequence, just-in-time delivery has become an important aspect in the European food market.
Fishery Products
European consumers have increasingly turned to shrimps and prawns. Certain new fish species have also become very successful, for example Pangasius (Vietnamese catfish) and Nile perch. Volumes are increasing rapidly. Filleted fish is gaining share at the expense of whole fish throughout the Union. Consumers demand more convenience in their purchases of seafood. Also value-added products such as smoked fish, ready-made fish products and fish-based ready meals are becoming more popular. A remarkable trend is the development of new seafood products for special occasions or for special enjoyment.

The market for cut flowers consists of a range of product groups, which offer varying opportunities. It is a highly competitive market in which importers are continually seeking new, special and different products. They tend not to change easily from one flower supplier to another, but co-operation with a company supplying a new product is considered attractive.

Food Ingredients
The food market in the EU is highly competitive, since consumers are not going to eat more, but will only, at the very switch to other products. Furthermore, European consumers increasingly set higher demands regarding convenience, as well as ethnic, safe, health and organic food. It is expected that the market for food ingredients for industrial use will continue to increase.
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