Financial Sector
Kenya has a fairly well developed financial sector consisting of the Central Bank, numerous Commercial Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Development Finance Companies (DFI) and many Building Societies.  These institutions offer a range of services countrywide to both foreign and domestic customers. These services include:
  • Counter trade deals
  • Current accounts
  • Savings and fixed deposit accounts
  • Safe deposit lockers
  • Purchase and sale of shares and securities;
  • Mail and cable fund transfer
  • Export and import finance
  • Commercial letters of credit
  • Offshore financing
  • International performance bonds
  • Negotiates traveller’s cheques
  • Purchase and sale of foreign exchange
  • Stock exchange listing
The government has put in place a conducive policy environment to facilitate growth and expansion of the sector as a necessary condition to growth in other economic sectors, and overall development of the country.  The Central Bank of Kenya is the custodian of the country’s issues on monetary policy, advising the Government on management of the foreign exchange and investment portfolios.

For more information, please visit the site www.cbs.go.ke and
the Central Bank of Kenya site - www.centralbank.go.ke

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