Solo Exhibition in South Sudan & A Bilateral Trade and Investment Forum
South Sudan has emerged as a new frontier for export business following its secession from the north as a new and independent Republic on July 9th 2011. The tremendous opportunities that have emerged out of this new development can not be ignored by Kenya especially considering the fact that the country  played a significant role in hosting various peace talks and initiatives between North and South Sudan, which ended the over two-decades of civil war. It need be noted that many leaders of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) were based in Kenya during the conflict and many of the four million South Sudanese that were displaced during the civil war fled to Kenya, and other neighbouring countries.
It is a new market in the region which has attracted a lot of attention and interest from other players both within, far and wide. This market has huge and enormous potential and is heavily dependant on imports which incidentally has turned out to be Uganda’s number one export market. But a close look at the composition of Uganda’s exports to this market reveals that most of their goods are actually re-exports from Kenya. So there is need for Kenyan goods and services to access the market directly and this forum is meant to pave way for such logistics to be put in place by the companies that will take part in the event.
The bulk of Uganda’s exports to the market consist of cooking oils, flat rolled iron materials, soaps and detergents, insecticides, medicaments, paper, footwear, sugar confectionary, plastics among others. Kenya can therefore expand this export base to include a greater variety of more manufactured goods and services, more financial products, ICT, retail trade, education, hospitality, transportation, Building & Construction services among others.

The market prioritization framework developed by the Council a while back recommended various strategies and approaches which as a country Kenya needs to embrace and take advantage of emerging opportunities as presented in new frontiers. South Sudan being an emerging market and within the country’s border points; it should be consolidated and expanded by introducing new companies to launch new products and services especially exportable professional services to the market and intensifying market promotion activities like the proposed Kenya solo exhibition and Kenya-South Sudan Business Forum. This will boost the channel for Kenyan companies to internationalize operations (setting up a company’s foreign offices, distribution channels, factories etc).
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