SMS 8535

SMS 8535

1. What is SMS 8535 text message?
This is a service that enables our clients to receive prompt information via their mobile numbers. You can make an inquiry using your mobile phone by simply texting the your inquiry to a short code 8535.

2. What short code should I use?
The short code to use is 8535 and is limited to Airtel and Safaricom users only

3. Do I need to register for me to make an inquiry?
No registration is required to use the service.

4. What should I enter?
Simply type the message in either Kiswahili or English and send to 8535.

5. How many SMS can I send in a day?
You can send as many enquiries as you want.

6. How much does it cost?
The SMS is charged 10/= for each SMS Sent.

7.How can I send you feedback?
You can call us via the customer service number 020 222 8535.Alternatively you can get a various contact details from the link http://www.epckenya.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=169&Itemid=193

8. Can I register
You however subscribe to given services receive information that relates to your field else you will be receiving general information.
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