Trade Leads as on 30th June 2011

In this issue, there are numerous leads for handicrafts, flowers, apparel and clothing, oils, cereals, Animal, Vegetables oils & Fats, canvas and canvas products, Leather goods and Handbags, fruits, vegetables, Soyabean meal & Cakes, nuts and fish.

Company:  Sopralex & Unmerken N. V
Country:  Belgium
Contact; Albert Van Hauwermeiren
Products ;Food & Food products

Company:Kwality Soap & Chemical Ind.
Country:   Nepal
Products ;Animal, Vegetable oils and fats

Company:  Crown Confectionery Co.Ltdf.
Country:  South Korea
Contact:  Kanghank Oh
Products ;Food  & Food products

Company:  Castillo Lora Y Asociados S.A
Country:  Dominican Republic
Contact:   Jacqueline Lora De Castillo
Products:  Seeds

Company: Sun Up International Corp.
Country: U.S.A
Contact: Jerry  Yeh
Products : Leather Shoes & Footwear

Company:Multi  Resources Mfg . Corp.
ContactKenneth Tzou
Products Leather goods & Handbags
Company:Daansa International Bangladesh,
ContactM.A. Khan
Products Textiles& Fabrics

Company:  Creighton Shirtmakers
Country:  U.S.A
Contact  Larry Wright
Products Textiles & Fabrics

Company:Transilwrap Company, Inc.
ContactHerbert M. Drower
Products Textiles & Fabrics

Company:Amazon  Enterprises Ltd.
Country:Hong Kong
Contact;Kelvin Ko
Products; Apparel & Clothing

Company:Xiamen  Ala Import & Exp. Corp.,
Country:China People's Rep.
Contact: Limon Guo
Products Apparel & Clothing

Company:Les Aliments Mon Trescor,
Country:    Canada
ContactGino Greco
Products Live Cattle

Company:  Fuji Trading Company Ltd.
Country:  Japan
Contact; Tsuneharu Hiyoshi
Products; Coffee

Company:Louis Delius GMBH & Co.
Country:  Germany
Products Tea

Company:Allemagnia Imports Inc,
Country: U.S.A
Contact: Hlmut Graef
Products; Tea

Company:Jazan  Development Co.
Country:Saudi Arabia
ContactNabeel H. Al-Ameer
Products Frozen Foods, Poultry & Game        

Company: Omniagro    S.A
Country: Peru
Contact; Carlos Elespuru  Desmaison
Products; Vegetables

Company:IN.T.E.R.Frutta S.P.A
Contact;Antonio Fatano
Products ;Vegetables (Fresh Vegetables)

Company:Monhinoki Pharmaceutical Co.
Country: Japan
Contact;Tatsuhiro Yoshida
Products Vegetables (Powdered Kales)

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