Top 5 Global Trends to 2020 and Beyond

The Countries & Consumers Research Team identifies the most important long term global trends which are influencing business environments and consumer markets around the world. These trends are set to intensify in the decade to 2020 and beyond.
These 5 global trends are key to understanding the changing nature of operating environments and consumer markets of the future. Embracing them will provide opportunities and long term growth potential as well as helping with strategic decisions.

1. The shift in global power
Global economic power is shifting eastwards and emerging market economies like China and India are rising in the world order. The shift in global power will enable these countries to be at the forefront of world trade relations and environmental negotiations as well as exercise control over their expanding production and consumer markets.

2. Depleting natural resources and “Going Green”
Tackling climate change and addressing the issue of depleting natural resources are both a necessity and an opportunity for businesses as climate change, consumers and businesses are closely linked. “Going green” is the future and provides business opportunities including the development of cleaner energy resources and responding to consumer demands for environmentally-friendly products.

3. Rising prosperity – a global middle class
With continued economic growth, the global middle class has expanded rapidly during 2000-2010 and this pace is expected to accelerate. The sheer size of middle income consumers will shape the future of consumer markets, with more room for discretionary spending, creating new consumer market profiles across the world.

4. Ageing urbanites
In 2008, the world’s population consisted of more urban consumers for the first time. Urbanization is set to continue, creating demand for housing, transport and consumer goods and services, while an ageing demographic will shape consumer demand, labour markets and government policies of the future.

5. Digital revolution – breaking barriers
The global digital divide is narrowing and the number of Internet users worldwide will nearly double in the decade to 2020 while mobile telephones have become an essential item around the world. Unprecedented access to communications is breaking global barriers, boosting productivity and changing the way we live and work.

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