WTO Director General welcomed by the Ethical Fashion Programme in Nairobi

The government of Kenya, represented by the Kenya Export Promotion Council, presented the Ethical Fashion Programme (EFP) to Mr. Lamy as the number one Kenyan project in terms of poverty reduction and empowerment of women. Photographs on the visit included in this article...

As part of welcome ceremony for Mr. Lamy, the Ethical Fashion team organised a traditional Masaii warrior dance with a new community group from the Rift Valley.  Mr. Lamy was also presented with samples of the products produced by marginalised communities for Vivienne Westwood, and other international fashion labels, as well as a map showcasing the network of community groups spread throughout East Africa.

Mr. Lamy expressed words of appreciation on the measurable and sustainable impact of the project saying, “This is a real model of capacity building carried out in the field.”

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