Enhancing Horticultural Productivity
The potential value of several horticultural crops per hectare is more than 6 times that of cereals. As such, the horticultural industry should focus on intended target commodities and expected outputs to trigger productivity in all the various sub-sectors which show potential.

Most of the horticultural commodities in Kenya are sold in their raw form at the lowest price especially when there is a glut. More income could be generated through value addition to reduce post-harvest losses and lengthen shelf-life.

Solution to overcoming the challenges and unlocking the potential of the horticultural sector in Kenya is to form strong Producer Groups, Marketing Alliances and Producer Researcher Working Groups who also interact with Trade Support Institutions.

There is need for substantive investments in irrigation, biotechnology, plant breeding, postharvest technologies, pest and disease management and food safety to sustain the projected growth indices.
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