WEF/EPC Enhancing Kenyan Women Access to International Markets

The Women Enterprise Fund(WEF) in collaboration with the Export Promotion Council (EPC) will be implementing an integrated programme aimed at enhancing Kenyan women access to international market. The objective of this programme is to mainstream women entrepreneurs into the export process by facilitating them to access export markets, through business to business linkages and capacity building, in order to enhance their economic development. This will subsequently enlarge Kenya's export supply base.

The project is market orinted and addresses the United Nation's Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) of reduction of extrem poverty (Goal 1) promotion of women empowerment and gender equality (goal 3) as well as the economic pillar under Vision 2030 which aims at improving SMEs and the prosperit of all Kenyans.

Target Group:

WEF/EPC will profile individual women entrepreneurs and women groups that have benefited from Women Enterprise Fund loans direclty through Financial Intermediary Paterners. This will be done through analyzing the Beneficiary Profile Form designed to collect information o the entrepreneurs. Further, WEF/EPC will conduct Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) on selected enterprises to establish the export preparedness on potential women exporters from different sectors.

Women Enterprises are invited to fill the <<profile form linked>> which can also be obtained from:

  1. District Gender and Social Development offices
  2. Women Enterprise Fund regional offices - based at the provincial headquarters.
  3. Websites www.wef.co.ke; www.gender.go.ke and this EPC website.
  4. EPC Regional offices

Duly completed Beneficiary Profile Form should be returned to the WEF/EPC Offices on or before May 15th, 2011

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