Fairtrade products the next super-premium niche

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the ethical values surrounding food. There is mounting pressure within the industry to determine exactly what ‘Fairtrade’ is. Crucially, manufacturers that are able to show full-ingredient traceability might be in a position to open a new growth niche in the fairtrade market.

According to Fairtrade Certification Organisations, certified fairtrade ingredients can be bought only from independently audited and certified fairtrade farmers. They receive at least the fairtrade minimum price and/or (as relevant in accordance with scheme standards) a premium which is used to invest in community development. To make sure that fairtrade-certified farmers receive the correct price and premiums for all relevant ingredients, the amounts used in products carrying the 'fairtrade mark' are carefully monitored by the fairtrade system. This ensures that the volume of finished products that carry the fairtrade mark directly relates to the equivalent volume of fairtrade-certified ingredients traders have bought. The farmers receive full fairtrade benefits for every product sold carrying the fairtrade mark on its packaging.

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