Buyfromkenya.com - Kenya's one-stop shop

With changing trends, the world is now demanding players to change too. The conventional business is quickly drifting from real market to cybermarket. Research has confirmed this by showing that more than 90% of shoppers in Europe do everything related to purchasing online and only receive the goods offline. This means that anybody who wishes to sell in such amarket MUST have an online presence. Indeed this can be extended to most markets worldover.

What is buyfromkenya.com?
ImageThe above motivation led the Council to develop the site www.buyfromkenya.com which can be termed as national supermarket where a buyer (from within and outside Kenya) should get anything and everything "under one roof".
Using this site, Kenyan companies are now exhibiting their products to the millions of internet users from all over the world making it very easy for buyers to locate suppliers and make business deals. Just like when one walks into a chain stop and gets various products under one roof, so is the concept of buyfromkenya.com

What can you exhibit?
Each supplier has a chance to register and display
• A company profile (background).
• Contact details of the company and focal point person.
• On-line catalogue of products/services provided by the company.
The catalague would have product images, name, description and where possible price. You need not have employed an expert to do a professional catalogue but rather have the product name and description done in MS Word and product photographs/images taken using a digital camera and stored in JPG format on a CD of flash disk.

How does it function?
The homepage (click here to see) has broad categorization of products where one can drill down to specific products. Each product has a photo, name, description and price (where possible). Using the search facility a user can also search for a product.
After drilling to a particular product, a client interested in knowing the contact details of the supplier can do so by clicking Vendor Information.
The buying leads and supplier listing are added features to make it easy for the buyer to reach any given supplier.

The site is currently hosted by a renowned ISP which has both technical and infrastructural competence to ensure confidentiality, integrity and high availability  of the entire website and information contained therein.

How do I qualify to be an exhibitor?

For you to exhibit you need the following:-

  • Be exporting or export ready (in terms of the products and organizational structure)
  • Registered and Operate within Kenya
  • Fill the application form referenced by the link <click here> and deliver to us
  • Pay a one time admission fee of Sh 1,000.
  • Agree to the terms stipulated on the site requiring you to carry out the business responsibly to maintain the integrity of the website.

How is the performance of the site so far?
Since its launch about a year ago, the site has close to 200 Kenyan exhibitors and over 1000 products cutting across various sectors of the economy. Notable companies exhibiting companies include  Kenya Airways, Bidco, General Motors (EA) Ltd, Deepa industries ltd, Roto Moulders and many more; the majority being SMEs who are in handicrafts, tea, coffee, textiles etc.

Other than those deals which have been sealed directly between the buyer and the exhibitor, there are several inquiries from various parts of the world which have translated to orders. A few are given below to confirm this.

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