Tariff and Non-tariff Barriers
Tariff Information
The following websites provides access to tariff information in the European Union and COMESA trading blocks:
European Union can be accessed by assorted search criteria at the address at http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/index_en.htm
COMESA – a guide to regional tariff structure and rules of origin criteria can be accessed at www.comesa.int
Other regional and country tariffs could be provided by CBIK on request.

Pricing Structure Information
CBIK has subscribed to the International Trade Centre, Geneva, Market News Service website which provides up to date international pricing information on mainly Agricultural and Horticultural products and selected manufactured products. There are detailed reports that cover a wide range of products traded worldwide. The detailed database is subscription based but general information on the database could be obtained at www.p-maps.org. Contact CBIK for further information on the Product Map Information.
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