Practical tips for BPO providers from developing countries such as Kenya

The most important tools for BPO service exporters from developing countries to promote their outsourcing services are:

1.This is a maturing industry with new opportunities availing themselves. The increase in demand for BPO services is already shifting from multi-national companies to mid sized companies which have not invested huge amounts in specific business processes.
2.BPO providers should focus on one area and specialise in this in order to supply the client with an outstanding service and specific expertise.
3.Focus marketing on core sectors and niches and look to visit specific outsourcing events and seminars rather than big events.
4.Explore cooperation possibilities with other companies, trade and/or promotion organisations.
5.A website proposing well-defined services, clear prices, competitive advantages (e.g. Unique Selling Proposition (USP), cost reduction and service quality) and a client list as reference helps create a trustworthy environment.
6.Establish strong linkages with overseas diaspora networks, universities, private sector leaders and foreign trade authorities. A fellow countrymen within the client company in the outsourcing country could very well favour outsourcing.
7.Shorter and smaller outsourcing contracts as a result of increasing use of Multi Vendor Outsourcing offer good opportunities for companies from Developing Countries as they will be better equipped to meet the needs for smaller contracts.
8.SMEs from Developing Countries that are able to add value to the service and can provide special expertise will be able to profit from the global trend towards KPO.
9.Cost saving is still the most important reason for outsourcing; however, BPO providers should shift toward higher quality. This can be an advantage for BPO companies providing high quality services and a disadvantage for companies that are purely cost focused.
10.Data security and the protection of intellectual property rights are becoming increasingly important issues. Companies from DCs should be aware of this and must be careful when it comes to sensitive data.
11.Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is gaining popularity fast as the demand for higher added value and specific expertise grows. Companies that benefited from cost reduction by outsourcing non-core activities are looking to achieve similar savings by outsourcing higher impact services. Market segments that increasingly adopt KPO are financial analysis, market research and pharmaceuticals.
12.Labour shortages as well as the improvement of customer service and quality are becoming more important demand drivers although cost savings will always remain the most important factor to outsource.
13.Finance and accounting outsourcing is a fast growing BPO segment due to, among other things, the pressure on global credit. Companies are increasingly outsourcing processes that are closer to their core activities in order to create more cost savings.
14.As a result of growing competition, service providers are adapting their strategies by focusing on industry specific services.


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