43rd Cairo International Trade Fair
The 43rd edition of the Cairo International Trade Fair will take place from March 11th-22nd, 2010 at the Nasr City, Cairo Egypt. The theme of this year’s fair is "Egypt: enhancing integration for development" The Export Promotion Council is co-coordinating Kenya's participation at the above Trade Fair, within the Kenya Pavilion in conjunction with the Kenya Embassy in Cairo and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Kenya Association of Manufacturers and the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This is a major trade promotion event in the 2010 Kenya National Export Market Development Programme. The objective of Kenya’s participation is to consolidate Kenya's market share in Egypt and North Africa as a whole, and enlarge her market share and presence in the Egyptian market, while taking advantage of the business networking opportunities presented by the annual event. Specifically, participants will have opportunities for concluding business deals/orders and negotiating distributorship and agency agreements.

Kenya will be represented by 11 companies in the Manufacturing, Services and Commercial Crafts sectors.
Status – Application is closed and selected companies are already shipping their exhibits to Cairo.
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