Market Analysis Tools
The International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva has overtime developed Market Analysis Tools (MATS) and capacity building programmes all aimed at improving international marketing and developing better export strategies. These tools are supposed to assist stakeholders in the export sector (policy makers, trade support institutions, exporting firms, etc) to understand trends in international markets.

The Market Analysis Tools assists in:

  • Providing information on trade barriers in target markets to assist Trade officials and policy-makers in negotiations;
  • Assist trade support institutions identify and prioritise export sectors, target markets, and develop strategies for export promotion;
  • Assist exporting firms access relevant information on global, regional or individual country markets and opportunities for market diversification for their products.

The MATs in use and available at the EPC include:

  • Trademap: An online database of global trade flows and market access barriers for international business development and trade promotion with export and import profiles and trends; Click here try it out.

  • Product Map: A web portal presenting business information and intelligence in a product context with information on existing market studies, price indicators on cluster basis and links to other product information and data. Click here to access the tool.
  • Trade Competitiveness Map: Profiles for 184 countries and territories with a range of analytical tools like the Trade Performance Index (TPI) on export competitiveness, National Export Performance (NEP), import profiles of the countries and the Tradesim, the econometric trade simulation model for bilateral trade potentials among others. Click here to access the tool.

  • Market Access Map: A database for use by business and government indicating tariffs and market access barriers applied at bilateral level by 167 importing countries from 200 exporting countries and territories. The database also covers most trade arrangements at bilateral, regional and multilateral level. Products are described to national tariff line level ie beyond the harmonized classification level. The thrust of this Map is to allow users to analyze protection at different levels of sectoral and regional aggregation and to simulate tariff reductions. Click here to access the tool

  • Investment Map: the Market Analysis tool provides foreign direct investment (FDI) data for 80 countries at the sectoral level, together with foreign affiliates, trade flows and tariffs for over 150 countries. Investment Map helps Investment Promotion Agencies identify:
a) Priority sectors for foreign investment
b) Competing countries for foreign investment
c) Potential foreign investor countries
To access this tool click here .
In order to fully reap the benefits of all these tools, one requires some exposure in terms of training seminars and workshops that are part of the ITC’s training and capacity building activities.
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