Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & Allied Certification Corporation Ltd
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & Allied Certification Corporation Ltd is a private limited liability company registered in Kenya.

GMP is a third party Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) providing Testing, Inspections, Quality System Audit's and Certification services within East & Central Africa and internationally. Our Laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.
GMP offers commercial inspection services to capture both quality and quantity services. A buyer located a country or continent away from your product source should rest assured that verification of their interests are being well protected and quality products are being manufactured with local supervision with a global scope

GMP offers certification services as regards management audits, Quality Management Systems training and Audits e.g. ISO 17025, ISO 22000, ISO 9000, ISO 14000 etc. This also includes Food Safety Audits, GMP trainings and certifications and Global GAP/Kenya GAP trainings.

GMP is also involved in brand protection services using software technology to protect the brand and fight counterfeiters. Part of this service includes document verification and authentication, product traceability in the whole supply chain (farm to fork) and data analysis on client products in the marketplace as part of market surveillance and inspections.

Good Manufacturing Practice and Allied Certification Corporation Ltd
P.O BOX 39769-00623,
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 271 3078
Fax: +254 271 3121
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