Khartoum International Trade Fair
The Export Promotion Council in close collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Kenya Association of Manufacturers and the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry are organizing Kenya's participation at 27th Edition of Khartoum International Trade Fair, Sudan in February 2010.
Sudan Brief
Capital city:     Khartoum
Currency:     Sudanese Pound
Surface area:     2,505,815 km2
Official language:    Arabic, English

Sudan, the largest country in Africa, lies in central northeast Africa where it shares borders to the north with Egypt, to the east with Eritrea and Ethiopia, to the south with Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and to the west with the Central African Republic, Chad, and to a small extent Libya.
Participation in the 27th Khartoum International Trade Fair.
This is an important market promotion event in the 2010 Kenya National Export Market Development Programme.  The Event is the most prominent annual trade fair in Sudan bringing together the business community seeking new suppliers and provides a platform to launch and promote products and services.  The main objective of Kenya’s participation at the Fair is to enlarge her market share and presence in the Sudanese market in light of the vibrant economic activities brought about by, among other things, the peace and stability; reconstruction efforts; and business networking opportunities presented by the annual event. Specifically, participants will have opportunities for concluding business deals/orders and negotiating distributorship and agency agreements.

Kenya's participation at this event has revealed great potential for your line of products and your company is therefore invited to participate. The Council will provide basic display facilities including a 6m² (2m X 3m) booth with an electricity power point, name on fascia board, a table, two chairs and display units such as shelves and podiums, depending on the nature of the product. As an exhibitor, you will be expected to pay non-refundable participation commitment fee of Kshs. 50,000.00, meet your own travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses; additional advertisement you may desire in the supplement to be run in the print media during the Exhibition; any applicable duties and taxes on your exhibits, etc.

Further Information: If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact EPC at any of our offices in Nairobi, or our regional offices in Mombasa and Eldoret. Deadline for registration is not later than December 15th 2009. Participation will be made available on first come first served basis.

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