Export Marketing Opportunities Using E-Commerce
Background Information about Trade Point Kenya
The Export Promotion Council has joined the World Tradepoint Federation (WTPF). As a Tradepoint the Council will have a more advanced and improved e-trade platform to give Kenyan exporters an opportunity to market their exportable products online and to get buyers online. This has been made possible through the use of e-commerce tools and an established global network of other trade facilitating institutions (Tradepoints) in over 120 countries worldwide.

Benefits of Trade point to the business community

  • Registering of SMEs on the e-trade platform in the Global Trade Directory System (GTDS)
  • After registering SMEs in the GTDS, Trade Point Nairobi through the EPC will train them on how to upload ETOs (Electronic Trading Opportunities).
  • Training of SMEs on the trade point activities and any other services 
  • Opportunity for exporters to market their products online through a global network
  • International exposure of SMES via the WTPF webpage and the Trade Point Nairobi webpage;
  • Posting of business offers and requests the ETO (Electronic Trading Opportunities)system  through the WTPF web page; 
  • Using the GTDS(Global Trade Directory System) system as a unique promotion tool for SMEs that aim to increase their participation in the international trade;
  • SMEs can access to information on projects and programs in the countries listed in the network
  • SMEs can retrieve information and data on business opportunities, potential clients, suppliers, trade regulations using the e-commerce platform
  • Online possibilities in searching business partners globally
  • Access to directories of producers, importers, exporters, trading companies; information and publications of international organisations provided by each trade point in the global network

Services offered by EPC in facilitating the Trade Point Platform

  • Facilitation of registration of SMEs on the Global Trade Directory System (GTDS)
  • Training SMEs on how to integrate e-commerce and the Trade Point platform in their business
  • Development and maintenance of an integrated website with other trade points.
  • Supervision of posting of trade leads through the Electronic Trade Opportunities (ETO) system.
  • Downloading and sending of trade leads to SMEs.
  • The functional/operation arm of the TP Nairobi, and will routinely download ETOs and send them to registered clients by mail.

Further Information on Trade Point Services

For more information, please contact the EPC or visit our website http://www.epckenya.org or visit our integrated Trade Point Nairobi website at http://www.nairobi.tradepoint.org

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