Export Assistance by The Swedish Chambers

The Swedish Chambers offer contacts, knowledge and capacity to exporters from developing countries within the Trade Promotion Programme. The programme is carried out in cooperation with SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). It focuses on business contacts, market information, training and extended contacts in order to promote export from developing countries. Trade is an important tool for enhancing economic growth and reducing poverty and is essential for a sustainable global development. An equal international trade helps poor people and countries to benefit from the global market.

The economic, social and environmental consequences of international development are in focus within the Swedish policy for global development. In order to be able to participate in the international trade exporters from developing countries need contacts, knowledge and capacity. Exporters from thirty countries including Kenya are eligible for support from the Chambers.
Excerpt from the Swedish Chambers Website www.swedishchambers.se

The trade promotion programme aims to reach as many companies as possible and promoting them as exporters to Sweden. The key activities include
•provision of business contacts and registration of business enquiries
•organizing incoming trade delegations
•provision of market information
•training programmes.

Publishing business enquiries
Companies are welcome to publish or submit their business enquiries in the database of Chamber Trade at www.chambertrade.com free of charge. The database is global and is owned by the Swedish Chambers.

Ordering market information
The Swedish Chambers produce market reports covering different sectors in Sweden and Scandinavia. All exporters from Kenya are welcome to download or order the market information, reports on current trends and trade opportunities at their website www.swedishchambers.se

Services offered at the Swedish Trade Council
On a regular basis, the Swedish Embassy arranges business meetings for the Swedish companies that are visiting Kenya, in order to discuss the investment climate, trade and other business related issues regarding Kenya and East Africa.  Furthermore, the Embassy assists Kenyan exporters interested in the Swedish market, and informs about the existing possibilities for introducing Kenyan companies in Sweden. The Embassy closely cooperates with the Swedish Trade Council in Nairobi, in order to distribute information regarding business possibilities and to find ways for cooperation between Swedish companies and relevant actors in the Kenyan
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