United Nations Women Guild Bazaar 2009
The United Nations Women Guild Bazaar (UNWG) 2009 will take place from November 27th -28th, 2009 at the Austria Centre in Vienna.

The UNWG comprises of staff and spouses of the Head of Missions based in Vienna and a large membership from the International Community in Austria being host to one of the UN regional offices. The UNWG Bazaar attracts huge attendance which range between 30,000 – 40,000 participants.

The Kenya Embassy in Vienna will coordinate Kenya’s participation at the Bazaar and has been allocated two stalls namely:-
•Restaurant Stall
•National Stall

The stalls will be used as an opportunity to showcase Kenyan products, with the restaurant stall providing Kenyan cuisine and the national stall showcasing trade and tourism sub-sectors.

In this regard, interested Trade Associations and exporters of Tea, Coffee, and Handicrafts, should kindly provide product samples and promotional material by Tuesday November 17th 2009, at EPC offices 1st & 16th Floor to be forwarded to the Embassy of Kenya in Vienna for this purpose.

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