More Inclusive Trade And Connectivity For Sustainable Development
The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint agency of the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Its mandate is to use trade to drive sustainable and inclusive growth by enabling micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in developing countries and transition economies to connect to international markets.
ITC participated in the Aid for Trade Global Review 2017 held from 11th to 13th July 2017 by the WTO in Geneva (#Aid4Trade).  According to its publication small firms and women-led enterprises can connect to global markets by boosting their digital capacity,
an area where Aid for Trade can have a big impact. Evidence shows a significant connectivity gap between small and large firms, and between firms managed/owned by men or women. The ITC report shows what is behind these trends and how policymakers can address the gaps. The report is an excerpt of the ITC chapter of the WTO-OECD publication, Aid for Trade at a Glance. (www.intracen.org/publication/aid-for-trade-at-a-glance-2017)
During the Aid for Trade Global Review 2017, ITC launched the Export Potential Map to make it easier for businesses to identify and target market opportunities. The ITC Executive Director Arancha González said: ‘Export Potential Map is an innovative tool that will enable developing countries and their companies to make better export decisions based on rigorous economic analysis. It will allow companies to target new markets and for policymakers to optimize their policies and support programmes for their exporters.’
The Export Potential Map is free to use and can be accessed on http://exportpotential.intracen.org
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