The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) is a State Corporation established through an Act of Parliament specifically, under section 3 of the Agriculture and Food Authority Act of 2013. The Act consolidates the laws on the regulation and promotion of agriculture and makes provision for the respective roles of the national and county governments in agriculture and related matters, in line with the provisions of the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya.
The Authority therefore is the successor of former regulatory institutions in the sector that were merged into Directorates under the Authority, with the commencement of Crops Act, 2013 on 1st August 2014.  These were:-

1)    Coffee Board of Kenya - Coffee Directorate
2)    Sugar Board of Kenya - Sugar Directorate
3)    Tea Board of Kenya - Tea Directorate
4)    Coconut Development Authority - Nuts and Oil Crops Directorate
5)    Cotton Development Authority) –Sisal Board of Kenya) - Fiber Crops Directorate
6)    Pyrethrum Board of Kenya - Pyrethrum and other Industrial Crops Directorate
7)    Horticultural Crops Development Authority - Horticultural Crops Directorate
8)    Food Crop Directorate has also been created within the Authority and Commodity Fund.
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