So What Exactly is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. From your website itself  to your online branding assets -- digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures, and beyond there’s a huge spectrum of tactics and assets that fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. And the best digital marketers have a clear picture of how each asset or tactic supports their overarching goals.
Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common assets and tactics:
•    Your website
•    Blog posts
•    Ebooks and whitepapers
•    Infographics
•    Interactive tools
•    Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
•    Earned online coverage (PR, social media, and reviews)
•    Online brochures and lookbooks
•    Branding assets (logos, fonts, etc.)
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