Kenyan Pineapples
Kenya produces pineapples which are processed and also sold fresh for local and export market. The variety grown in Kenya is smooth cayenne. In Kenya the largest production is in Thika area by Delmonte Limited
But also there are other most suitable areas for growing pineapples example. Northern Malindi and Lake Basin. It is mainly exported to Lebanon, France, Egypt and Germany.

The Kenyan pineapples produce are of high quality standard. This is due to adherence of international regulations on food safety and social accountability in the production of the produce. Consumers are becoming more and more particular about the quality, safety and reliability of the fresh products that they buy. The main buying countries require the implementation of GAP. The GAP guidelines aim at producing a product that is safe, environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and of high quality.

The following are the guidelines that are to be implemented by the farmers and exporters.
•    Keep up to date farm production records in order to maintain consumer confidence in food quality and safety.
•    Apply proper crop protection strategies in order to reduce the use of chemicals.
•    Observe the required standards during pesticide application in order to protect the health and safety of the applicator.
•    Observe the required standards during transportation, storage and disposal of pesticides in order to minimize detrimental impact on the environment while conserving nature and wildlife.
•    Observe hygiene requirements during harvesting and post harvest handling of produce.
•    Adhere to regulations of wages and conditions of the employment act.
•    Adhere to environmental protection regulations

To ensure Kenya exports quality pineapples, various regulatory institutions such as Horticulture Crops Directorate and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services undertake inspection, auditing, licensing and issuance of phytosanitary certificates before exporting pineapples.    
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