The 1st Joint Trade Committee (JTC) between Kenya and Israel was held on the 26th – 27th April 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel as a follow up of the signing of the Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kenya and the State of Israel on 5th July 2016 in Nairobi during a State visit to Kenya by H.E Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.
The Kenyan delegation was led by Dr. Chris Kiptoo, Principal Secretary, State Department for Trade in company of Charge d’affaires, Mr.Jon Chessoni of Kenya Embassy in Tel Aviv, while the Israeli side was led by Mr. Ohad Cohen, Trade Commissioner, Director, Foreign Trade Administration, Ministry of Economy and Industry.
Both sides expressed desire to:

• Develop, strengthen and diversify economic and commercial relations in different sectors of their economies on a mutually beneficial basis.
• Cooperate in the field of: Trade, Investment, Energy, Agriculture, Urban Development, Environmental protection, Healthcare, Innovation, Research, Tourism, Standards, and Custom among others.
• Israel agreed to support Kenya on key projects under World Bank arrangement notably water technology and cyber security.

Mr. Cohen noted that in the past, Israel traded with mainly the EU, and Asian Countries and that time had come for Israel to focus on Africa with Kenya as a priority.

Dr. Kiptoo noted that the inauguration of the JTC would lead to improved trade and investment relations between the two countries. He welcomed the investors from Israel to take advantage of the favorable business environment existing in Kenya.

Both sides acknowledged that there is a trade balance gap in favour of Israel and that there still existed unexploited potential between the two countries in terms of their business communities to cooperate and benefit from each other’s strengths, competitive advantages and market access.
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