Guidelines For Exporting
1.    Legal Documentation at Set-up:
a)    Register a company name and obtain the Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of Companies, Attorney General’s office.
b)    Obtain a PIN number from Kenya Revenue Authority
c)    Obtain a VAT certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority
d)    Obtain a Local County Business Permit
2.Business Set-up
a)Obtain a Trading Place with address, telephone, fax, email address
b)Obtain Business image builders:
-Develop Business Cards
-Develop a Company Profile
-Develop a Letter Head
c)Obtain a Bank Account
d) Website is highly recommended for Export Trade

3.Documentation when Exporting
a)Commercial Invoice
b)Certificate of Origin
•COMESA Certificate of Origin for produce destined to COMESA countries
•EUR – 1 form for produce destined to European Union
•GSP form for produce destined to USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc.
•Ordinary Certificate of Origin for produce destined to Middle East, India, East Europe, etc.
•AGOA Certificate of Origin.
•EAC Certificate of Origin.
c)Packing List
d)Bill of lading (sea freight), Airway bill (for air freight)
e)Mandatory Quality attestation certificate i.e.
•Phytosanitary certificate (horticulture, tea, coffee and any plant based products
•Sanitary certificate (fish, meat and any food)
•Fumigation certificate (wood articles, gift items)
•Kenya Bureau of Standard certifications

4.Product Identification and Documentation:
Product identification and documentation
Source/production method
Trends and development (ITC, CBI, Google etc.)

5.Marketing Tools - Electronic image builders:
Develop Product catalogue in a CD-ROM/Website/WebPages/ Email address. Products must clearly indicate Name, Size, Price, Code, and Clear Photos    

6.Identify Market with a relative advantage (e.g. USA for textiles under the AGOA initiative)
c.Trade Fairs

7.Price your products competitively (add value to be able to price your products higher than competition)

Contact EPC for more information on markets, contacts for buyers
Internet Surfing for more details   
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