Kenya at Speciality Coffee Association of America - SCAA 2017
Kenya — the 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo official Portrait Country — welcomes attendees to the exposition. Kenya is also happy to be associated with Starbucks, the 2017 Host Sponsor. Back in Kenya, Starbucks has been a long time farmers’ strategic partner and friend. The specialty coffee market has been instrumental in ensuring that Kenyan coffee farmers receive better payments for their coffee, owing to the fact that premium coffee prices are offered relative to other prices paid by
coffee buyers from other market segments across the world. During the Global Specialty Coffee Expo, the community will come together to to exhibit, attend lectures and classes, hone their skills in roasting, compete for the best coffee preparation during competitions, and explore equipment innovation. Thus, to Kenyans, the Global Specialty Coffee Expo is the event where specialty coffee connects people. Kenyan coffee is grown on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, with red alluvial volcanic soils. The red ripe cherry is picked and pulped same day of harvest. Kenyan coffee is known for it’s alluring aroma, citrus undertones, full-body and fruity, floral acidity.
In November, Kenya was delighted to host the Roasters Guild Origin Trip for 31 coffee professionals. The team of 31 roasters and other coffee experts from 10 countries visited Kenyan coffee farms, cooperative societies, coffee estates, millers, marketers, coffee dealers and exporters, as well as warehousing and transport logistics firms to witness how a coordinated value chain delivers coffee quality to the world. The origin trip team was taken through cupping sessions in coffee growing zones, including cupping the finest coffees in the wilderness on a “Treetop” while also enjoying the beauty and nature’s second gift to Kenya- the wildlife.
We come to Seattle to illustrate that Kenya is the home of the world’s finest mild coffee. There will be meeting rooms to engage our clients in a friendly business manner, and coffee sampling and give-aways will be done at the Portrait Country Pavilion. Don’t forget to collect your green and roasted coffee samples after cupping the various coffee profiles from Mt. Kenya, Mt. Elgon, Rift Valley, and Kisii highlands. Most of these coffee profiles are generated under certifications such as UTZ, 4CS, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance. Sustainability programs are run in the country to ensure that our environment and ecosystem are preserved.

We feel humbled and privileged to host you at the Portrait Country’s Pavilion in Seattle from 20th -23rd April, 2017 and we look forward to meeting you in Seattle during the 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo. Welcome — Karibu sana!

Follow the link below and see how Kenya will be positioning in its coffee in SCAA 2017.
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