12th Rwanda International Trade Fair, Kigali
Dates: July 30th  -  10th August, 2009
The Export Promotion Council in collaboration with Ministry of Trade, Kenya Embassy in Kinshasa and relevant public and private sector organizations including the, Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) is organizing Kenya’s participation at the Kinshasa International Trade Fair, to be held from August 10th 2009 to August 23rd 2009.  

The KITF offers excellent opportunities to Kenyan companies seeking to launch new products, enlarge, consolidate and diversify their market in DRC and the neighbouring countries. Participating companies will also have a chance to test market, launch new products & services, deepen and strengthen their brand and corporate awareness to the Congolese consumers.

Kenyan companies will have the opportunity to consolidate their market share and presence in the DRC market as well as increase the gains made in past export market development activities. Kinshasa International Trade Fair will offer good opportunities for concluding business deals with trade partners and negotiating distributorship and agency agreements within the DRC.

Target sectors:

•Processed foods and beverages
•Personal hygiene
•Engineering and construction services
•Paper and paper products
•Textiles and garments
•Crop protection and animal health products
•Automobile batteries and dry cells
•Farm inputs
•Construction materials (iron sheets, paints, etc)
•Dairy and meat products


Interested companies are invited to apply for participation by filling the Event Application Forms which can be obtained from the Export Promotion Council offices at Anniversary Towers, 1st &16th Floor, University Way, or the Regional Offices in Mombasa, Eldoret and JKIA during working hours or can be downloaded from the EPC web site www.epckenya.org

Duly completed profile forms should be returned to the EPC on or before July 24th 2009.

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