40TH DITF 28th June 8th July 2016
The 40th DITF was a major success for the country, Export Promotion Council (EPC)  and the enterprises exhibiting. Besides attracting a bigger number of foreign exhibitors ever registered at the event, the occasion was graced by two East African Cooperation (EAC) Heads of State Hon. Dr. John Magufuli (Tanzania) and Hon. Paul Kagame (Rwanda) who presided over the official opening and also visited the Kenya Pavilion where they had time to see, appreciate and engage with the exhibitors.
Following the official opening and the attractive design of the pavilion, the exhibitors managed to register high number of visitors and made good sales besides receiving good orders holding fruitful discussion with prospective agents and distributors that could lead to increased sales prospects in future. Some of the companies managed to enter into partnership and distributorship agreements and are in the process of finalising their contracts.

 The Kenya Pavilion that was set up in the Karume Hall and had a total of 22 booths that comprised of Large, Medium and Small enterprises drawn from different product sectors; New KCC and KETEPA represented the large companies; Premier Foods and Kevian represented medium enterprises, DK Industries represented the manufactures, KEBS and EPC represented the services sector while the rest were small enterprises seeking opportunities in the export market.

By virtue of the reported spot sales and enquiries made vis a vis the large number of visitors received at the pavilion, it was clear that Kenyan products were not only being appreciated but also the demand for wider range of products was indicative. It’s anticipated that in the coming years, the size and composition of Kenyan products and exhibitors will increase thus providing the buyers with a wide range of options on the Kenyan menu.
However though, with the growing number of international exhibitors suggesting increase in the number of players on  Tanzania soil, Kenya witnessed stiff completion from big players from the developed economies whose presence was clearly visible owing to the big sized space they secured for their exhibits that were mainly machinery and equipment.
This included Germany, South Africa, Japan, China, Egypt, Turkey etc. It’s clear therefore that there is a scramble for Tanzania and Kenya needs to work harder to maintain grip on the market and employ credible strategies to ensure they retain their leadership position and increase their market share in order to effectively fight off the growing competition.
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