Women-Led Social Enterprise
A trade+impact social enterprise is a women-led for profit business in Africa or the Middle East having a profound positive impact on its employees and its community. Many women-led social enterprises Many women-led social enterprises contribute significantly to the social and economic performance of their countries as they work with hundreds – in some cases thousands – of people providing wages, healthcare and educational support.
However, these social enterprises frequently face barriers that undermine their ability to start or expand their businesses. Some of the dominant issues women entrepreneurs in Africa + Middle East face include:
•Access to Markets
•Access to Finance
•Business Training
•Sales & Marketing Experience
•Regulatory Frameworks
Trade+impact offers a ground-breaking platform for increased trade, investment and skills development to increase the impact of women-led social enterprises in their community and beyond.
If you would like to apply to be a sponsored participant and exhibitor at trade+impact, please complete the contact form in the link below and we'll send you an application form. Two leading women-led social enterprises from each sector in every country in Africa + Middle East will be invited to attend and exhibit at the trade+impact Trade + Investment Summit.
For more information please follow this link; http://www.tradeandimpact.com/womenled-social-enterprises/
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