Centre for Business in Information in Kenya
The Centre for Business in Kenya (CBIK) of the Export Promotion Council has received the following magazines. Welcome to CBIK on 1st Floor Anniversary Towers to read the new magazines in the list.

List of Magazines Received





Euro Fresh Distribution Magazine

An international distribution magazine for fresh produce and retail. (Published in France)


MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt) Magazine

An international magazine issued by MPS Group which deals with registration, certification and training in the floriculture, fruit and vegetable sector. (Published in Netherlands)


Changing Markets Magazine

An international magazine issued by Fuitnet Media International which focuses on new and changing opportunities on world markets in regard to trade export and imports. (Published in Germany).


Exhibition Guide Fruit 2016 Logistica

A publication given to exhibitors and participators in the just concluded Fruit 2016 Logistica Expo in Berlin. It shows a list of Exporters and Importers Globally from different countries dealing with fruits. (Published in Germany)


Global G.A.P Magazine

An International publication focusing on Good Agricultural Practices for different commodities and Global G.A.P is the worldwide standard that assures it.(Published in Germany)


Fresh Produce Journal

An international magazine focusing on fresh produce and Britain’s favorite fresh produce magazine. (Published in United Kingdom)


Avocado Commodity Business Plan 2015-2025

A publication by the International Trade Centre in collaboration with Export Promotion Council, AFFA and Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya. It’s a journal detailing the international avocado industry globally. (Published in Switzerland)


Exports Logistics

A daily newspaper and journal focusing on Agricultural produce logistics in the African and Global Market. (Published in Egypt)

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