How to Register A Business Name Online

The Registration of Business Names is now done online by following the steps below;

  Log on to https://www.ecitizen.go.ke./

   Register to create an account or login if you already have •    Scroll down to the “Office Of the Attorney General and Department of Justice” Agency and click on ‘Get Service Now’
•    Click on the “Submit Application” link
•    Click on the “Registration of Business Names” link
•    Click on “Business Name Search” so that you can search the name you desire.
      -Select the ‘Learn More’ box
-Read through the rules and regulations e.g. one rule states that   political names are not allowed.
-Click on the ‘Apply Now’ box.
•    Fill in the provided fields online and click ‘Continue’. This service will cost ksh.150 and it will take one day to search for the name.
-If the name is approved, you will be notified and the name will be reserved for 30 days.
-In case the name has not been approved, try searching a different name.
•    After approval of the business name, click on the “Business Name Registration” field.
•    Fill in the provided fields and click on the ‘Continue’ box to go through to Stage 2.
•    Fill in the provided fields and follow through to Stage 3.
•    Review your entry at stage 4 to ensure it is correct.
•    At stage 5, make a payment of ksh.850.
•    Submit your application
•    Download and print the Statement of Particulars (BN2) from the Downloads page.
•    Attach it with the invoice drop them off at the Attorney General’s Office.
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