Checklist For Writing A Business Introductory Letter In Response To Business Inquiry
 1.  Business Introduction Letter should be maximum 1 page  and to include the following
•     Date
•    Upper heading: The exporters official contact address. If you use Letter Head with your company logo, the upper heading is not required
•    Lower heading: Importers official contact address.
2.  Business letter (body)
•    Greetings/ salutation: Dear Sir/ Madam…..
•    Body of the letter maximum ½ page of two paragraphs
i.  Briefly introducing the company.
ii. Briefly responding to the business enquiry.
iii. Include website address in the letter to draw the attention of the client
iv.Include important certificates / permits which you have for exporting eg. HCD Export Permit, Phytosanitary Certificate, KEBs Analysis Certificate, Certificate of Origin,

Membership Certificate to an exporting association etc…
v.    Signoff the letter: Write your names and your title
3.    Product Brochure and Business Card (Soft copy to be attached on the email)
•    Have clear pictures of the products your company offers
•    Clearly describe the products & include price list
4.    Website
•    This is a good alternative to Product Brochure & Business Card.
•    Include the website address in the business letter
5. Email address (Do not use general emails e.g. yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.). To create a business email, you can contact; Kenya Information Network, Wananchi Online, KenyaWeb, Access Kenya, Karibu Telkom, UUNET, Dotsavvy
6.Other documents checklist at the time of exporting - Refer to product-specific procedures for exporting which are available from the EPC / CBIK Offices









Export Promotion Council has compiled this Information with the aim of providing support and guidance for promotion of Kenya’s Export of goods and services. The information contained in this document is restricted, legally privileged, and may be inaccurate due to policy changes from time to time. The Export Promotion Council will not accept responsibility or liability for the content, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided therein.

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