Floriculture Products' Indicative Price Information / European Markets

In week 50 the cut flowers average price was lower (-5.9%) than in last year, with some 5.7% higher supply. This resulted in a 0.5% lower sales turnover. The 'Christmas product' ilex got 20% higher price than last year, with some 12% less units. Another seasonal product, Skimmia, got 7.6% more in price, for 5.6% more in supply. Tulips got 50% less in price, for 163% more stems than last year this week. The big roses got a little less in price, for 3.2% more supplied stems. Products with significant higher price than in 2013 were: agapanthus, alstroemeria, anemone, asclepias, hamelaucium/wax flowers, eucalyptus, fatsia, gerbera large, gerbera mini, leucadendron, limonium, pittosporum, solidago, and trachelium. Much lower price than last year, with higher supply was registered for: ammi, anigozanthos, carthamus, delphinium, spray carnations, and gypsophila. ..Download the brochure here..

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