Supporting India’s Preferential Trade to Africa
SITA is a five year project that was initiated on 9th March, 2014 by the UK Aid, as a South-South Aid for Trade Initiative. The project aims at increasing the value of trade between India and selected East African countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania). The programme is coordinated by the ITC and will be evaluated against success factors such as increased exports to India, partnerships and joint ventures that accelerate employment creation, skill and technology transfer to the East African countries, among other factors. On the Indian side, the programme has incorporated the Exim Bank of India and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) into the partnership.

The Project study and design period runs from March 2014 to February, 2015, while implementation will run from March 2015 to February 2020. The programme was launched in the five East African countries in May, 2014, when the SITA team briefed Government and Trade Support Institutions on the project expectations and deliverables. The Export Promotion Council is coordinating the National Institutions that are directly or otherwise involved through review of policy where necessary, including review of bilateral agreements with India to address tariffs and other market entry issues.

A desk study was also carried out for each of the countries to identify sectors of the economy that could qualify for inclusion into the programme. The SITA Team, in collaboration with identified sectoral representatives from each country, have carried out supply needs assessments, the results of which will be matched against the demand side analysis that will shortly be concluded in India.

Since then, Partnership Platform Meetings have been held in Nairobi (July, 2014), Kigali (September, 2014) and Addis Ababa (December, 2014) where representatives from private sector. During the Meetings, critical interrogation of identified sectors in each of the countries was undertaken with a view to narrowing down on the areas that require interventions to ensure smooth running of the programme. In Kenya, the beneficiary sectors are Leather; Cotton and Textiles; BPO & ICT Enabled Services; Branded Coffee; Dried Vegetables and Pulses. Logical Frameworks for the sectors have been developed to focus individual countries and sectors on value chain expectations and deliverables.

Head of DFID India Sam Sharpe and ITC Executive Director Arancha González sign an agreement to implement the African-India South-South Cooperation Project (SITA), on 9th March, 2014
ITC Executive Director Arancha González and Director General of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Chandrajit Banerjee sign an MOU on SITA

For More information, kindly visit www.intracen.org/sita


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