1. Original copies of Legal Documents  -                                                           

a) Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Incorporation of a Public liability company

b)   Company PIN/ VAT Certificate

c)   Necessary Permits and licences if required (e.g. HCDA Export permit for Horticulture)

2. Business Infrastructure       -                                                                                    

a)         Accessible Telephone Number 

b)         Accessible fax number

c)         Post Office Box Number

d)         Business Card

e)         Letter Headed Paper    

f)          Business Office (operational)   

g)         Business Workshop/Premises 

h)         Current Company Profile         

i)          Product Catalogue      

j)          Email with Domain name

k)            website

2. Export Performance                                                             

a )     Previous export performance of the company to be verified by YES            or               NO  

b)     If Products meet export standards & Quality  ( In the case of new companies)

3.  Knowledge of Export Documentation and Procedures

a)     Exhibitors are expected to have good knowledge of Documentation and Procedures.

4. Financial Capability                                               

(a)  Companies to participate must have the ability to meet their financial obligations (Return air ticket, Freighting of exhibits, Living expenses etc). Bank statements to be used in Assessing capability

5.  Participation Commitment  

(a)  The successful companies selected to participate will be required to complete a Participation Commitment Contract with the Export Promotion Council and Kshs 50,000 non Refundable as participation fee). Willingness & preparedness to be assessed

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