The JICA/EPC SME trade training programme is a three year SME Trade Training program aimed at developing the requisite export skills within the SMEs with a view to improving their competitiveness in the international markets and transacting export business successfully. The programme has 11 modules covering the entire export process.  The modules include:

  1. TOT (Training of Trainers)
  2. Export Logistic and documentation.
  3. Export Products Development and Adaptation for Export Market.
  4. Export Costing and Pricing
  5. Export Financing.
  6. Export payment method.
  7. Export Marketing Plan and Entry Strategy
  8. Standardization and Quality Control and other various International Standards.
  9. Export Packaging, Labelling and Branding
  10. Terms of Delivery and Inco-terms.
  11. Participation in International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.

In preparation for Phase II of the JICA/EPC SME Exporters’ training programme, JICA engaged an international consultant from Japan to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the training conducted in the first year.  Arising from the evaluation exercise, two additional modules were added and the modules were clustered into a logical sequence as per the export value chain.
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